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Do you ever get hungover or that horrible feeling when you wake up after a night where you had a few glasses of wine? Does your face turn red or you get a fuzzy feeling while you drink wine? Well, this may not be the amount you drank but might be what you drank. Ever say that “White Wines makes me feel horrible”? Well, it may not be just the wine but the Sulfites that were added to the wine. Many wineries will add sulfites to their wine to help increase the shelf life of their wines. At Austin Custom Winery we control the amount of Sulfites used in our manufacturing process.

Why are Sulfites added to Food & Drink?
Sulfites inherently are not actually dangerous and are naturally occurring in a number of food items – including wine. So, therefore, they’re quite common to be added to food, but why? There are two main reasons for this:- The first is to stop bacteria growth on food, which can spoil foods. The second is to improve the taste and appearance of food. However, because they can cause such a severe allergic reaction, foods with more than 10 parts per million (ppm) concentration of sulfites must declare it on the label. Foods with less than 10 ppm are considered to be safe to even the most sensitive sufferers.

1 out of 10 people have a sulfite allergy
Surprising! Most people’s allergies are mild and most people handle them without issues. If you get hangovers or get that nauseous feeling following a night of drinking it may be the type of drink you drank or it could be a mild sulfite allergy. Austin Custom Winery does not test its wines for Sulfite levels but instead, we control our sulfites used when manufacturing our wine.

Legal Disclaimer
This page is for information only based on our personal experiences. If you suffer from these symptoms, you may have something other than a sulfite intolerance and you are advised to seek professional medical help. Austin Custom Winery does not independently test its wine sulfite levels and only claims that their wines have received many positive customer comments, stating that they have a mild allergy to sulfites but can drink our wines and not feel any adverse reactions.