White Wines

Try our savory white wines from Austin Custom Winery. White wine can range in color from straw-yellow to yellow green to yellow-gold. In recent studies it was found that consuming wine will provide health benefits, White Wine was found to present significant cardiovascular benefits. White wine contains antioxidants that are effective in preventing LDL oxidation. White wine is typically served with lighter meals and are best served at a temperature range from 42.8°-50°F. Because of this, they refreshing and are ideal in the Spring or hot summer. The old saying “White Wine with White Meat” still holds true. Try Austin Custom Winery’s Chardonnay, or Sauvignon Blanc or one of our other wines.

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Origin Description Body Bottle Batch
Pinot Grigio California Light & Crisp with a delicate bouquet of honey and herbs. Medium $16.00 $350.00
Grigionnay California Dry & Crisp with acidic tones from the Pinot Grigio & the buttery, nutty vanilla tones of the Chardonnay. Medium $16.00 $350.00
Piesporter Germany Light, fresh, elegant and slightly fruity Medium $16.00 $350.00
California Chardonnay California Hints of oak and fruit Full $16.00  320.00
Australian Chardonnay Australian Soft fruit undertones and citrus aromas Full $16.00 $350.00
Sauvignon Blanc Australian Classic French wine bursting with melons and citrus Medium $16.00 $350.00
Gewurztraminer Germany Slightly sweet with aromas of orange, mango blossoms and all spice Medium $16.00 $350.00
Chene Blanc South Africa Dry, fresh and fruity, with well balanced honey aroma Light $16.00 $350.00
Riesling Germany Slight sweet with almost perfumed aromas with slightly elevated acidity Medium $16.00 $350.00
Viognier Chilean Hints of lavender and aromas of honey and apricots Medium $18.50 $425.00
Chablis France Brisk citrus characters with floral left and dry to the pallet Medium $16.50 $360.00
Soave Italy Aromas of cherry trees and almonds, with hints of vanilla Medium $14.50 $320.00
Verdicchio Italy High acidity with hints of citrus and almonds Light $16.25 $385.00
Grüner Veltliner Australia Peppery taste with strong fruit flavor Medium $15.00 $350.00
Pinot Blanc Germany High acidity with aromas of apples and pears Medium $16.00 $350.00
Bourg Royal Blanc Germany Impressive aromas of peaches and apricots with subtle hints of pears Medium $14.50 $320.00
Liebfraumilch Germany Slightly sweet, fruity nose of apples and spicy bouquet Medium $14.50 $320.00
Trebbiano Italy Crisp citrus tones, almond like bitter notes Full $18.50 $425.00
White Merlot Washington State Rosé – Medium tannin with hints of strawberries and plums Medium $15.00 $350.00
White Zinfandel California Rosé – Rosy and bold, dry with hints of sweetness Full $16.00 $350.00