Red Wines

Austin Custom Winery wines are made from the finest juice from around the world.

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Origin Description Body Bottle Batch
Beaujolais Italy A fruity wine, known as the “Young Wine” Medium $16.00 $375.00
Red Zinfandel Italy Deep red, spicy, peppery, with hints of fruit and dark cherries Full $16.25 $380.00
Pinot Noir California Low tannins with strawberry and cherry aromas Medium $17.95 $400.00
Merlot Italy Dry and rich flavor with aromas of black currants and cherries Full $17.50 $390.00
Shiraz Italy Flavors of peppers, blackberries and dark chocolate Medium $16.25 $380.00
Sangiovese Italy Soft tannins, lightly fruity and ripe berries Full $16.00 $375.00
Vieux Chateau du Roi France Dark Red with spicy fruit aromas Full $16.75 $380.00
Cabernet Merlot Italy Berry bouquet, full oaky characteristics Medium $16.50 $385.00
Cabernet Franc Italy Notes of raspberries, tobacco, bell peppers and cassis. Medium $16.75 $390.00
Barolo Italy Noticeable tannins, acidity and herbal bouquet Full $16.00 $380.00
Amarone Italy Aromas of cherries, plums with hints of licorice Full $18.95 $435.00
Cabernet Sauvignon Australian Berry and fruit aromas, with heavy tannin notes Full $16.75 $390.00
Chianti Tuscany Valley Classic Italian red, medium body with pleasant tannins Medium $16.50 $385.00
Cabernet Shiraz Australia Bold flavors of vanilla, coffee ,red fruit, spices and herbs Full $16.25 $385.00
Carmenere Chilean Rich berry fruits, spice with well rounded tannins Full $17.75 $395.00
Malbec Chilean Flavors or plums and blackberries Medium $20.95 $450.00
Brunello Tuscany Aromas of roasted chestnuts and hints of iris Full $18.00 $420.00
Shiraz Merlot Australian Subtle aromas of leather and black pepper, mixed well with blackberry flavors Medium $16.25 $380.00
Barbara Italy Fruity aromas of raspberry and blackberry with light spicy notes Full $18.50 $425.00
Spanish Tempranillo Spain Juice, fruity with flavors of cherries, coco and spice Full $19.95 $440.00
Tempranillo Cabernet Spain Aromas of black currant, tobacco and violets Full $20.25 $460.00
Rio Grande Rojo Chilean Hints of burnt chocolate, vanilla, spicy with black cherries, plums and black currant Full $18.25 $430.00
Meritage Rouge France Alluring hints of plum and black currants Medium $16.50 $385.00
Tempranillo Malbec Spain Juicy and bursting with flavors of plum and red currants Full $20.95 $465.00
Rosse D’avila Italy Aromas of black cherries and spicy undertones Medium $17.50 $400.00
Bourg Royal Rouge Italy Hints of underbrush with aromas of cherries Full $17.50 $400.00
Grenache Shiraz Australia Red berry flavors and hints of spice and soft tannins Medium $18.50 $430.00
Sangiovese Merlot Italy Crisp, clean and a little spice Medium $17.95 $425.00
Petit Shiraz Italy Rick dark plum flavor Medium $17.95 $425.00